What is art? It is a pure expression. I have never intended to be a professional artist or improve my artistic skills academically. I keep my paintings raw and very sincere. Just how it is. Pure emotions with no aim of technically right depiction. I use painting as a chance to do impossible: make emotions and feelings become visible, stripping my subconscious and subtle perception. I never know what will appear on canvas until I start to paint. That reflects my main credo: ideas are born by action. Images are created in one move with no breaks. Every piece is available for sale worldwide

Character. Oil on –°anvas. Sevastopol. 2015. 70 x 50 cm

Flowers. Oil on Canvas. Tel Aviv. 2015. 70 x 50 cm



Approaching The Land. Oil on canvas. New York. 2017. 41 x 51 cm. SOLD
Woman. Oil, Acrylic on canvas. New York. 2017. 41 x 51 cm

Synergy. Oil on Canvas. New York. 2017. 17 x 25 cm

Gone. Oil on –°anvas. Sevastopol. 2015. 60 x 40 cm



Allusion to Coen’s “Barton Fink” final scene. Oil, canvas. New York. 17 x 25 cm

Observer. Oil on canvas. New York. 2017. 41 x 51 cm